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Amazon purrs over cloud, agility and hefty money savings at AWS Summit

ITProPortal has spent the day in the massive ExCeL conference centre, listening to Amazon at the London edition of its Web Services Summit. Steve Schmidt, the vice president of Amazon Web Services, bossed the stage.

Somewhere beneath all of the trumpet-blowing and name-dropping, Schmidt chatted about some of the latest developments in the ever-changing world of cloud.

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According to Schmidt, the technology industry is currently going through a massive transformation, which he believes is the biggest and fastest of its kind. The cloud is at the very heart of this.

Schmidt says that we're heading into the era of mainstream cloud. Attitudes towards the technology have altered dramatically of late, with enterprises now far less wary of it than they once were. According to Schmidt, instead of asking why operations need to be migrated to the cloud, businesses are now saying, "Tell me why this can't into the cloud?"

There are many reasons for this.

Amazon claims that agility is the number one factor to consider. "Enterprises can't afford to be slow," said Schmidt. Without agility, staff may stop trying to invent, which is a dangerous move. The cloud, however, enables an innovative culture, where businesses can experiment often and without fear of failure.

The other major reasons for cloud uptake are – unsurprisingly – flexibility and cost-efficiency. Cloud computing is particularly popular amongst small and medium-sized businesses for these very reasons.

However, Schmidt was keen to point out that it is unwise to consider these as the only potential benefits of the cloud.

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In 2014 alone, Amazon has seen the technology used for development and testing, supplementing existing workloads, new workloads, migrating existing applications, data centre migration and "all-in" (placing all IT in the cloud).

No wonder it's the industry's biggest buzzword.