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HP and Foxconn hook up for new cloud-optimised server range

HP and Foxconn have put their heads together for a joint (non-equity) venture in which they're going to build a new line of servers optimised for the cloud and aimed at service providers.

Both companies see cloud computing as a swiftly changing arena, and believe that with the transition away from traditional cloud models to the likes of Infrastructure-as-a-service, a new approach to server design is necessary.

Which is exactly what this new venture is, of course, and it's set to cater for the compute requirements of major cloud service providers, delivering flexibility and scalability – the usual buzzwords when it comes to the cloud – and most crucially, a focus on a low total cost of ownership.

HP boasts that it will deliver top quality service and support for the range – which will complement its existing ProLiant server line – and Foxconn will be able to ensure value down through the supply chain.

Other than that, details are pretty thin on the ground at the moment, save for the fact that this strategic agreement will come into force tomorrow. Further info on the pricing and availability of said servers will be announced in the (hopefully near) future.

Meg Whitman, CEO of HP, commented: "With the relentless demands for compute capabilities, customers and partners are rapidly moving to a New Style of IT that requires focused, scalable and high-volume system designs. This partnership reflects business model innovation in our server business, where the high-volume design and manufacturing expertise of Foxconn, combined with the compute and service leadership of HP, will enable us to deliver a game-changing offering in infrastructure economics."