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Mobile app of the day: Flickr

Flickr is a regular favourite haunt of mine on the web – it's one of those fantastic sites for finding hidden gems of photographs featuring my own home area and any places or topics that interest me. But I don't use it so much on my handset.

That might change with the new Flickr app. The app includes its own camera capability so you can take shots and upload them to your account immediately – or you can set the app to wait till you are in Wi-Fi range and have the photos upload then. There are editing tools, as well. Flickr isn't only about images, either – you can shoot and upload up to 30 seconds of HD video within the app too.

Neither is the Flickr app just about your own media. You can search the entire database and follow photographers you like. Don't forget, you get 1GB of photo storage with Flickr, which ought to be plenty to play around with – Flickr says it is enough space for 500,000 photos. Oh – and you can sign in and out of multiple accounts, too. It looks like I will be spending time with another new app!

Click here to download Flickr for Android, and here for iOS.

Product: Flickr

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free