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Mobile app platform helps enterprises embrace mobility

Developing for in-house mobile platforms can sometimes be a bit of a poor relation in the allocation of resources, as it may be important to front-line departments like sales but is less so for IT.

A solution could be at hand from Irish tech company FeedHenry which has launched the latest version of its cloud platform, allowing companies to simplify the building of mobile apps for their employees.

FeedHenry 3 accelerates the development and deployment life cycle, helping enterprises to seamlessly create and manage company-wide mobile app projects. The latest version has significant new mBaaS (mobile back-end as a service) and API management, role-based development, and team collaboration features, along with support for a wide range of app development frameworks including Backbone, Angular and Xamarin.

"The reality is that mobility projects are no longer the sole remit of IT, and have become much more complex to manage and scale," says Cathal McGloin, CEO of FeedHenry. "FeedHenry 3 addresses many of the challenges companies face as they become mobile first. We're making it easier for multiple business units and IT to collaborate on mobile app development -- allowing the business to innovate on mobile while IT supports the centralised control of security, policy management and back end integration".

FeedHenry 3 uses an open, scalable architecture employing the cloud and RESTful APIs to make mobile app development more agile, sustainable and affordable compared to current industry standards.

Other features include collaborative workflows and support for native developer toolkits so that apps can be built for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and the web. Developers have access to self-help capabilities and self-discovery of APIs, they can also create their own backend APIs in Node.js and share them across multiple projects.

"RESTful APIs have become the new standard for how software and devices interact," adds McGloin. "Traditionally, API Management has been all about control. With FeedHenry 3, our goal is to make APIs more accessible to developers to allow businesses to quickly and easily develop apps with the scalability that the cloud affords".

For more information or to request a demo take a look at the FeedHenry website.