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First clear image of Amazon’s smartphone is leaked

Want to know what Amazon's upcoming smartphone looks like? Of course you do, that's why you clicked on this story. Well, you can feast your eyes on the image above.

This is the first unobscured pic of the Amazon handset, at least according to BGR who published the image (the tech site had previously shown off photos of a prototype, but the actual chassis was covered by a protective case so folks couldn't tell what it looked like). The render was apparently produced by graphic designers at the online retailer for internal use.

So, now we can see the device's appearance, and... well, it looks like a smartphone – with a screen and everything.

In all seriousness, the image shows a sturdy looking piece of hardware – we wonder what the exact thickness will be – with some nice smooth rounded lines that should make it comfortable to hold.

BGR's sources say that the phone is a "bit large," which again gives us cause for concern, but it's apparently usable with one hand (one-handed use is helped by the gesture controls which we've previously heard about, by all accounts).

The rumoured specs include a 4.7in screen with a 720p resolution, driven by a quad-core Snapdragon chip and 2GB of RAM, so while that resolution isn't exactly sterling for the display size, there should be no worries on the performance front. Interestingly, there are supposedly no less than six camera sensors on board, which is all part of the motion control side of the handset.

Also, speculation points to some form of "Prime Data" package – in other words, free streaming of Amazon Prime media tied into a contract (reportedly with AT&T in the US).

As for the software, that'll be the usual forked Android, and walled Amazon ecosystem as seen on the company's Kindle Fire tablets. The UI will apparently boast 3D effects, again as previously rumoured.

You can bet Amazon has some other little surprises up its sleeve, too. You'll probably even be able to make phone calls – who knows...

The release date is said to be pitched at Q3 of this year, and we're betting later in the quarter rather than earlier.

Image Credit: BGR