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HootSuite adds uberVU data expertise to main dashboard

HootSuite customers can now benefit from a new analytics dashboard through the integration of recent acquisition uberVU’s Boards into its service.

The announcement means that users can construct and implement customised, action-oriented data views by pinning adjustable widgets into unique dashboards to make it easier to pick out business insights from key analytics and aggregate data points.

“Since our acquisition of uberVU, we’ve been working hard to accelerate its vision to bring analytics to the front and center of the social business,” said Ryan Holmes CEO of HootSuite. “With its ease of use, Boards empowers everyone, not just analysts, to quickly find business insights in analytics by easily building pinnable, custom analytics dashboards.”

uberVU was acquired by Hootsuite back in January and part of the service was already integrated into HootSuite in order to allow key monitoring across the web that is a part of uberVU’s service.

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The main advantage of the service is that it allows users or organisations to streamline workflows and take action on critical tasks in real time by setting up the Boards.

Customised campaign management is one way that campaigns can be managed in real-time using Boards to keep note of specific KPIs and metrics against targets defined by the user.

The service can act as a one-stop social media management solution through the use of a personalised social media command centre as the home board that has metrics pinned to it that are utilised daily including mention streams and spike signals.

Boards also helps to keep track of industry trends and key conversations by allowing side by side views for direct comparisons of data such as competitor standings and data points that can be instantly aggregated according to those most relevant to a division, campaign or metric.

Hootsuite, which was founded in Canada, recently reached nine million users worldwide across its various platforms and employs 500 people across the organisation.

Image Credit: Flickr (Gaelen Norman)