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Mobile app of the day: Netgear WiFi Analytics

If your street is anything like mine, most of the homes have Wi-Fi networks purring away. Is your own network being interfered with because a neighbour shares the same channel? Is your network reaching all parts of your abode, and if not, is that because you haven't got your router in quite the right location? If you'd like to check on these things, and get some more general and useful info about Wi-Fi, then try Netgear WiFi Analytics.

This app is relatively unsophisticated – but that's not a bad thing. It does a couple of important jobs really well and it is easy to use. For example, it shows all the Wi-Fi routers in range and their channels, and makes suggestions as to which channels will work best for you because they are least used. It'll let you test the signal strength in different parts of your home, and record this information so you can experiment with router location.

This little app is brand agnostic, by the way – it'll help you out regardless of where your router comes from.

And for wireless network tips in general, see our features on how to get faster Wi-Fi by selecting the right channel, and 10 tips to help secure your wireless network.

Click here to download Netgear WiFi Analytics for Android.

Product: Netgear WiFi Analytics

OS: Android

Price: Free