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Motorola to reveal new budget phone on 13 May

Motorola has another cheap smartphone in the works, and will take the wraps off this new creation in just under two weeks.

The launch will take place in London on 13 May, and the press invites which have gone out indicated that this handset will be "priced for all."

In other words, we're looking at another affordable smartphone in the vein of the Moto G (pictured above), which launched at the £150 mark, offering some excellent specs considering its price point.

This model is likely to be the rumoured Moto E – the specs of which are purportedly going to be a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and a 4.3in display with a 720p resolution (the same as the Moto G, but with a slightly smaller screen, so a tad higher pixel density).

Will we see an even lower price point than the Moto G? That handset has done very well for Motorola, particularly in the UK where it has propelled the manufacturer's market share from almost nothing up to 6 per cent. Perhaps Motorola will really go for the budget throat with this new offering; let's hope so.

Motorola also has a Moto G LTE model in the works, and a Ferrari-branded version of the handset, too.