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New platform aims to get business apps working in Harmony

Thanks to mobile devices, the cloud and the internet of things, Cisco reckons that by 2020 there will be 50 billion digital endpoints.

This volume of connected devices offers huge potential for business. But as 85 per cent of enterprise data still sits on in-house systems like ERP packages and secure databases its potential is hard to release.

Integration specialist Jitterbit has announced full availability of its Harmony Integration Cloud Platform which aims to simplify the integration of a new generation of endpoints with existing enterprise systems.

It uses a graphical "Clicks Not Code" approach to empower business analysts to connect applications in days and create connected business processes that open new channels of revenue and streamline manual tasks.

Companies can quickly integrate business processes, such as connecting cloud front-office applications to on-premise ERP to provide order and billing detail for a call center rep who needs to resolve customer billing issues. Harmony provides a visual studio so that non-technical users can easily design innovative processes that connect multiple endpoints, devices, geographies, and partners.

Other features include the ability to connect to hundreds of applications, smart migration across different environments, intelligent mapping of fields and a built-in library of business formulas. It also offers secure team and individual access and complete audit trails.

"We are thrilled to deliver the biggest product release in our 10-year history to the general public," says George Gallegos, CEO at Jitterbit. "The Harmony Platform is the realization of our commitment to give customers and partners the power to use integration to amplify the value of their applications with the most modern and fastest Cloud integration platform in the market".

You can find out more and watch a video demo of Harmony on the Jitterbit website.

Image Credit: Stokkete / Shutterstock