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Find a London car parking space in two minutes with ParkJockey smartphone app

Today marks the launch of a new app which claims to cut the time it takes to find parking spaces from twenty to two minutes – no matter where you are in London.

Available now on Android and iOS, ParkJockey will allow users to locate nearby parking spaces, compare prices, book and pay for that space straight from their smartphones. It's an app that plays off the success of popular taxi app Hailo that uses GPS and a proprietary algorithm to link customers to available cabbies in the immediate vicinity.

Considering Allianz research shows that motorists spend over 8,000 hours of their lifetime – that's nearly a year – searching for somewhere to park, ParkJockey could fast become a useful tool for the 1.1 million Londoners who drive into the capital every day. At launch, the app allows customers access to over 5,500 parking spaces round the city, with the aim to boost this to over 50,000 locations by the end of 2014.

As London this week battled the tube strike using bikes, buses and elbows, it was harder than ever to search for a car parking space in the busy capital. ParkJockey claims to be the first app of its kind in the UK and will tackle some of the most blatant inefficiencies in Europe's £25 billion parking industry with the hope of expanding in London, Amsterdam, Paris and Istanbul; further launches are also planned in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

Umut Tekin, CEO and Co-Founder of ParkJockey said: "Parking in London has always been a hassle and with such competition for spaces and so many different pricing brackets it's not surprising drivers are getting frustrated.

"We created ParkJockey to simplify the whole process and make it as seamless as possible. In just a few taps you can now browse, compare prices, book and pay for your parking, safe in the knowledge that your spot is 100% guaranteed and our customer service team is always on hand to assist with any enquiries."

You can download ParkJockey for free now from the App Store or Google Play.