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Secret iOS app brings anonymous chatting to the UK

The Secret app, which has been popular and controversial in the US, has now arrived on UK iPhones (and also in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand).

The idea of the app, which has been particularly popular in the tech industry in the States, is to allow users to "speak freely" and gossip away, with any posts being anonymous. You can say exactly what you like, with predictable results in many cases – nastiness, bullying, and all the rest of it.

Some big stories have been broken on Secret though – for example, the Mirror notes that Nike's plan to get rid of the Fuelband team was leaked on Secret days before the event occurred. Of course, it's impossible to know which pieces of speculation flying around on Secret are true... but safe enough to say most of them aren't.

The app was created by a pair of ex-Googlers, Chris Bader and David Byttow, but it remains to be seen if it will be successful outside of the US.

Early reviews from Brits on the iTunes store are mixed, but one reviewer certainly didn't get it. He said: "I really don't understand what it's for or why anyone would care; seems to be the app equivalent of standing on your own in the middle of nowhere and shouting into a strong breeze."

It'll need time, of course – and being introduced to Google's mobile OS won't hurt, either. The Android app isn't ready yet, but should be before too long.