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Tidemark launches new analytics tools for enterprises

Much reporting of business metrics is still rooted in the era of static graphs and infrequent use. It's cumbersome and the information gets out of date fast.

Business planning and performance management specialist Tidemark is looking to bring reporting into the mobile and cloud era with the launch of its new Playbooks product.

Playbooks allows users to create a highlight reel of information so executives can better understand the complete narrative of their company's performance and act on potential problems as well as model new solutions.

"Modern businesses are looking to CFOs for new ways to drive growth in an era of increasing velocity, mercurial challenges and intensifying margin pressures," says Christian Gheorghe, founder and CEO of Tidemark. "We are continuing our strategy to bring innovation that helps our customers reap success and transform their organisations".

Any content within Tidemark can be added to a Playbook and shared throughout an organisation. This offers a simpler approach than existing dashboard packages and lets employees add content in just a few clicks.

"Tidemark Playbooks are extremely innovative and we see a lot of opportunity to leverage them quickly," says Kristi Duncan, senior vice president of Finance at Ernest Health. "We envision using Playbooks to replace our Budget Binder and many of the other reporting books we currently use".

In addition to Playbooks, Tidemark is expanding its platform with features including self-service configuration and advanced in context analysis. There's also a business method framework offering straightforward, configurable options for tasks like tax calculations and currency conversions. A flexible modeling tool allows planning without being tied to a rigid model.

More information on Tidemark’s latest updates can be found on the company's website.

Image Credit: EDHAR / Shutterstock