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$13,000 miracle gadget creates Tea 2.0 for the “perfect” cuppa

Complaints about the office intern’s tea making skills will soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new gadget that comes with the promise of brewing “the perfect cup of tea” – at some price.

Bkon, the firm behind the technology, plans to charge $13,000 [£7,700] for the machine that creates “tea 2.0” and the firm believes that making a perfect cup is a whole lot more than just dunking a bag into a cup of boiling water.

The Craft Brewer, which could easily be something straight out of a posh West London gastropub, uses a process of brewing known as reverse atmospheric infusion to create its mug of perfection.

To pour the cuppa it uses a brewing chamber that is filled with loose tea leaves and water before the air is drawn out to create a vacuum. Negative pressure is then produced within the chamber that causes the tea leaves to rise to the surface of the liquid and it’s this that draws out more flavour than the simple addition of boiling water.

Depending on the type of tea chosen the process can be repeated for between 60 and 90 seconds, and the expensive device has other variables that can be altered such as water temperature and contact time.

Bkon claims that the machine can produce around 60 cups of tea an hour and when the expert nature of the machine is taken into account it certainly gives the trusty kettle a run for its money.

Prototypes are already being tested across a number of coffee shops in the US and a commercially available version will reportedly go on sale at some point later this year.