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ASUS details glut of new motherboards based on Intel 9 Series chipset

ASUS has released a barrage of new motherboards across its entire catalogue of computers that are constructed around the Intel 9 Series chipset with support for the latest Intel Core processors that maximise the potential of Z97 and H97 chipsets.

The new motherboards can be installed inside ASUS-branded machines as well as other brands under the ASUS umbrella including Republic of Gamers [ROG], The Ultimate Force [TUF] and WS [Workstation] computers.

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“Taking into account the feedback and needs of today’s computing public, we’re proud to introduce our comprehensive 9 Series Motherboard launch line-up across the ASUS-branded, ROG, TUF and WS Series motherboards. Whether for professional use, gaming, content creation, servers or simple, everyday computing, our motherboards cover every task,” said Jackie Hsu, corporate VP and general manager of worldwide sales for the ASUS Open Platform Business Group

Each motherboard has the LGA 1150 socket and can support a number of Intel’s Core processors including fourth, new fourth and fifth generation chips, and present different advantages depending on the brand of computer.

ASUS-branded Z97 and H97 motherboards come with a distinctive circular heat-sink on the next generation Platform Controller Hub [PCH] chip and have a range of features that will help anyone trying to create a high-spec PC, gaming rig or multimedia centre. This includes 5-way optimisation to improve PC performance, Crystal Sound 2 and Turbo LAN to reduce lag and improve audio during gaming, and ASUS HomeCloud turns the system hard drive into a private cloud.

ROG machines get three new motherboards that all promise advanced gaming performance through a LANGuard that has advanced surge protection and the GameFirst III network optimisation prioritises game packets and allocates more bandwidth to games.

TUF motherboards, meanwhile, are armed with TUF Fortifier, Thermal Armor and Dust Defenders to make sure that machines maintain the highest levels of durability and stability. In addition to this, it has a new onboard TUF Ice microchip that brings precise temperature monitoring and fan control.

ASUS’ recent addition of full SATA Express support means that it will also be added to ASUS Z97 and H97 motherboards and it’s expected that the new motherboards will be inside upcoming machines.

ASUS unveils new range of motherboards that are built on the Intel 9 Series chipset that includes the LGA 1150 socket and is able to support Intel’s 4th, New 4th and 5th generation Core processors.

New motherboard offerings from Series have technology that takes full advantage of the technology in Z97 and H97 chipsets.