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Complaints about Snapchat update are now flooding in

So yesterday, the Snapchat app saw a major upgrade arrive – but all hasn't been running smoothly since the update landed. In fact, there has been a chorus of moaning across the Internet – more so than the usual fringe whinging which can be expected when anything gets updated.

As we reported yesterday (opens in new tab), the popular Snapchat app has had a video call capability added, along with instant messaging.

But it seems that the overhauled Snapchat is just too complex for some folks, and others have accused it of being bug-ridden. Just check out Twitter for a sampling of some real-time moans concerning the app...

We dipped into the Tweet stream just now, and one Twitter user said: "What in hell is this new snapchat about? SO CONFUSED RN."

Another user more coherently stated: "This Snapchat update was unnecessary. I liked the simplicity of the app. That was the point."

And another comment: "The whole point of Snapchat is that it's pictures?! I do not understand this update."

Aside from those who were confused, another user noted that "Snapchat has just provided people with another platform in which to be sneaky and disloyal."

Some of the reviews on the Play store (opens in new tab) have been quite scathing, too, mainly in terms of accusing the updated app of being very buggy.

In her Play store review, Sherrel Hofer wrote: "Still buggy. My keyboard won't stay up and every action is very delayed."

Kaci Foster said: "This app sucks. Not only does my camera not work suddenly it takes up too much space and doesn't work like at all. No bueno I like old Snapchat better."

Not everyone is down on the app, by any means – but there do seem to be a lot of complaints of one variety or another whizzing around the net. Snapchat users, please do share your thoughts in the comments section...

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