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Dangerous shipment of iPhone stun guns seized by Australian authorities

Stun guns disguised as iPhones were among a haul of 6,000 weapons seized by customs officers at border control in Australia on Thursday.

Several of the 790 iPhone stun guns seized were studded with diamanté embellishments, while others were inscribed with the word "police. "Bound for Australia from China, the shipment also reportedly contained knuckledusters and extendable batons.

The container may have made into the country, but a public tip off about the dangerous shipment alerted authorities to the smuggling attempt. After suspicious X-rays of the storage unit were examined, the haul was uncovered and seized.

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A 43 year old man from a suburban Australian town has been arrested on suspicion of importing prohibited weapons. The charge carries a maximum penalty of up to AU$425,000 (£233,000), as well as ten years in prison.

A spokeswoman for the Australian Customs and Border Protection service could not confirm whether police had tested the devices, or where the dangerous weapons were expected to be sold.

Across the sea in the US, stun guns are legal in 42 of 50 states. Consequently a genuine iPhone case which doubles as a Taser device was released in 2013 after its inventor was robbed at gunpoint in his home.

The American device is imbued with a 650K volt electrode which can be used against another even when the iPhone itself is drained of battery.