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HP Facility-as-a-Service rolled out, new approach to data centre sourcing

HP has announced its new Facility-as-a-Service (FaaS) scheme, which seeks to provide an alternate path for data centre sourcing that gives companies control of their own affairs without having to go to the expense of actually building their own facility.

Of course, building your own data centre costs a lot of money, which is why many are driven to look at budget-friendlier colocation opportunities, or cloud-based services instead. But the latter options are obviously limiting in the control you are giving up, and other concerns such as security issues – hence HP is offering another route that avoids the costly outlay of constructing a data centre (estimated to be around $60 million, or £35 million, when it comes to building and managing a centre, or so Forrester reckons).

HP FaaS provides customers with a data centre designed for their requirements, with no large initial outlay, and a monthly fee paid as part of a renewable, long-term service agreement with HP. The idea is that the customer has full operative control over the centre, as they would with their own custom-built affair, and with HP adopting a modular approach, the customer can also expand the facility as needed.

Rick Einhorn, VP of Technology Services Data Centre Consulting at HP, commented: "Previously, organisations determining their data centre sourcing strategy had a number of options, but each had its difficulties. Now with HP Facility-as-a-Service, a new option is available that enables an organisation's CFO to switch costs from a capital to an operating expense, and provides the CIO with their own operated data centre which has the flexibility to expand as the business grows."

Interested in the scheme? Then you'll be pleased to hear that HP's Facility-as-a-Service is available worldwide from today.