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Leak claims that Apple will incorporate health sensors in earpods

Apple is planning to head down the health and fitness route – we knew that, as we've already heard that iOS 8 is going to have Healthbook on board – and Cupertino is set to have its own heart rate monitor. But it's not going to simply add a sensor to the rear of the iPhone 6, as Samsung did with the Galaxy S5.

Rather, Apple will put its heart rate sensor in its earpods, and the company's headphones will also monitor your blood pressure – or at least that's the latest rumour doing the rounds.

This gossip actually popped up on the Secret app, which is famously ripe with tech world speculation (and yesterday the iOS app launched in the UK, incidentally). According to the anonymous poster, the new earpods will connect via the Lightning port, and will employ iBeacon technology to ensure that the user doesn't lose them.

The Telegraph reports that the poster is apparently a freshly sacked employee, who wrote: "[The phone] stores the data in a similar way to thumbprint point data, fully encrypted and nothing identifiable. But nice to send to your doctor to keep track of at which point your blood pressure started rising for example."

Given that this is gossip from Secret, more than the usual pinch of salt is required. It certainly has a whiff of the unlikely about it – but then, it could be quite a clever move by Apple. By incorporating its health sensor in the earpods rather than just putting it on the iPhone 6 itself, it would give those upgrading their iPhone 5 models to iOS 8 the chance to access all its new health-related features just by purchasing some new earphones.

And of course Apple would get a load more cash from those headphone upgrades. Expect the price of the earpods to rise, too, with all that gadgetry on board.

The anonymous ex-employee also posted that Apple is indeed working on a smartwatch, which is likely true enough. Apparently Cupertino can't settle on the right name, so "iWatch" might not be a given. Though we can't imagine what else they'd call it...

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