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Major refresh coming for OS X at WWDC next month

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is just a month away now, and apparently Cupertino's desktop OS is going to be front and centre at the event.

Yes, apparently the focus won't be on iOS as it traditionally has been, but rather on OS X 10.10, which is set to arrive with a raft of improvements – at least according to a source the (usually pretty reliable) 9 to 5 Mac spoke to.

With the next version of OS X, which is currently codenamed Syrah (that won't be the final name), we're talking about a complete redesign along the lines of what Apple broke out with iOS 7 last year.

And unsurprisingly, given Apple's desire to bring both mobile and desktop operating systems closer together, the desktop OS will take cues from iOS 7 with similar toggle designs, according to the source. You can also expect sharper corners for windows, and more strongly defined icons – more definition in general, by the sounds of it.

Don't fret that we're going to see some major scale merging of OS X and iOS, though, as the core pillars of the desktop operating system will remain, with most of the iOS-ifying consisting of aesthetics, and appropriate features that make sense.

Apple has apparently even shifted UI resources from iOS to OS X to ensure that the work on the desktop OS is done in time for WWDC, which kicks off on 2 June – such is the priority here. Indeed, some features which were intended for iOS 8 may be pushed back to iOS 8.1, 9 to 5 Mac notes, possibly because of this prioritisation (and other pressing projects – maybe the iWatch, perhaps?).

The release of OS X 10.10 is expected to happen this autumn, as with Mavericks last year.