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Casual dating app Tinder flirts with native advertising to boost earnings

Tinder has revealed that it might explore native advertising in the near future.

The popular dating company this week said that it is looking for a way for its free app to generate money, and this could be the most sensible way forward.

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"The nature of the Tinder user experience presents itself with real opportunities for native advertising that certain of our other products don't," said Tinder chairman Greg Blatt.

Such a move will not come as much of a surprise, since the app has been involved in advertising campaigns in the past.

Fox promoted "The Mindy Project" using fake dating profiles on Tinder, while Domino's Pizza got "cheesy" and "saucy" on the service.

Earlier this year, security experts said that a security flaw in Tinder allowed anyone to locate other users of the app. Tinder co-founder and CEO Sean Rad confessed that the issue could "theoretically" allow this to happen, but patched it nonetheless.

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Tinder's meteoric rise over the last year or so has been incredible to witness, and ITProPortal thinks it could follow in WhatsApp's footsteps and be involved in the next multi-billion dollar tech deal. Check out the link above to find out why.

Image credit: Flickr (Nathan Rupert)