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Motorola is set to reveal the Moto X +1 soon

More evidence has popped up to reinforce the speculation that Motorola will soon push out its follow-up to the Moto X smartphone (pictured above).

Last month, we reported on @evleaks revealing that the Moto X +1 – we're still not keen on that name – will be launched soon.

Now, it seems that a placeholder page for the Moto X +1 has been put up on the official Moto Maker website (which was spotted by Mobiflip, via Phone Arena).

Sadly, the page in question is completely bereft of any details, save for the fact that it confirms the name will be the Moto X +1. However, given that @evleaks said that the handset will be launched soon a month ago, and a placeholder has now gone live, we can safely assume that a Motorola announcement for the X +1 is very close at hand.

Of course, Motorola has a press event on 13 May, but according to the invite that's going to be the launch of a budget phone, probably the rumoured Moto E as we've previously speculated. Unless Motorola is planning to launch two devices – though we'd have thought the X +1 would have top billing, in that case.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled a week on Tuesday, rest assured; but whatever the case, we should see the X +1 very shortly.