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Amazon WorkSpaces coming soon to European iPads and Android tablets

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has confirmed that WorkSpaces, its cloud-based desktop service, will now be hitting iPads, Kindle Fire and Android tablets across European workforces.

AWS premiered its cloud service at the Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas last November. The package offers virtual desktop adoption at significantly less than the cost of existing solutions, it was claimed.

Going by the AWS Workspaces pricing website, the standard bundle monthly charge is $37 (£22). This includes storage capacity of 50GB, 3.75 GiB of memory and one CPU.

The product gives users access to a managed, cloud-based desktop via desktop or tablet, which is handy for firms experiencing a high level of BYOD.

"You can also integrate Amazon WorkSpaces with your corporate Active Directory so that your users can continue using their existing enterprise credentials to seamlessly access company resources," said AWS, in a statement.

Poor usability and high infrastructure costs have held back virtual desktops in the past, with many projects failing to reach beyond the pilot stage.

AWS hopes to avoid such issues and senior vice president Andy Jassy has virulently communicated the benefits of his company's product.

"The ability to centrally manage desktops has been around for some time, but it's proved to have been difficult to set up and difficult to manage," he said back in November.

"With WorkSpaces, the customer doesn't have to worry about the infrastructure at all."