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Businesses are getting lax about cloud security

A new study has revealed businesses are putting more sensitive data onto the cloud, but experts are concerned this is at the price of lax IT security.

e-Security business Thales and research institute Ponemon together released the report, claiming that despite the growing amount of data being pushed onto the cloud organisations are not accompanying this with the necessary security practices.

The Encryption in the Cloud research is an independent global study of more than 4000 organisations, revealing that a third expect no negative impact on security posture when transferring confidential data over public cloud services.

Cloud is Losing its “Scare Factor”

According to Thales, this represents that the “scare factor” the cloud used to have is now decreasing.

“Staying in control of sensitive or confidential data is paramount for most organisations today and yet our survey shows they are transferring ever more of their most valuable data assets to the cloud,” said Larry Ponemon, the Ponemon Institute founder.

“Many organisations continue to believe that their cloud providers are solely responsible for protecting their sensitive data even though the majority of respondents claim not to know what specific security measures their supplier is taking,” he added.

Thales strategy vice president Richard Moulds also weighed in with his concerns relating to the study.

“Encryption is the most widely proven method to secure sensitive data in the enterprise and in the cloud, yet more than half of respondents report that sensitive data in the cloud goes unencrypted,” Moulds said.

“Deployed correctly, encryption can help organisations to migrate sensitive data and high risk applications to the cloud, allowing them to safely unlock the full potential for the economic benefit the cloud can deliver,” he claimed.