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HTC expects a return to profit in second quarter, bouyed by HTC One M8

HTC has come out and said that it expects a return to the green in Q2 of this year, asserting that sales of its new flagship model have helped to boost the company's coffers.

HTC has been struggling of late, and had a very rough Q1 with a net loss that plunged below low analyst expectations – but the HTC One M8 has allegedly been performing well, and is set to turn all that around.

It's about time HTC caught a break – as the M8 is certainly a very nice phone, and one which has been widely critically acclaimed as right up there with the Galaxy S5 (see our battle of the big three: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2 vs HTC One M8).

According to the Wall Street Journal (via BGR), HTC claims the One M8 is selling faster than its predecessor, but the handset vendor hasn't given any vague indication of numbers to back that up.

HTC did, however, give out some figures in relation to its overall revenue, which is forecast to come in at between NT$65 billion (£1.27 billion) and NT$70 billion (£1.37 billion) for Q2, doubling up the previous quarter's sales, and bringing the firm back into profit. Though if this estimation is correct, HTC will still be down slightly in terms of revenue year-on-year (from NT$71 billion, or £1.39 billion, last year).

HTC has promised more effective marketing with its M8 handset, as previously that has been an area the manufacturer has been criticised over – so it would seem things are getting sorted. Providing these predictions from HTC turn out to be more than bullish noises, of course.