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iOS 7 now on 88 per cent of iPhones and iPads, leaving Android KitKat in the dust

Apple has released fresh figures for iOS 7 adoption, and the latest incarnation of its mobile OS has made its way onto the vast majority of iPhones and iPads.

88 per cent of iGadgets now run iOS 7, to be precise, with that statistic being measured via Apple's app store in a week long period running up to 4 May. 10 per cent were still on iOS 6, and the remaining 2 per cent were on older versions of the OS.

If you look at Android in comparison, it's a whole different story of course; but that's not surprising given the fragmentation issues Google's rival OS faces (phone vendor and network carrier updates are staggered all over the place, of course, and in many cases delayed by months, or indeed they never appear).

Android 4.4 KitKat is now on 8.5 per cent of devices, as measured in the week running up to 1 May. Jelly Bean is still the most-used version of Android, with almost 61 per cent of users having that incarnation on their hardware.

At least KitKat has made some progress in the last three months – back in February, it was on just 1.4 per cent of devices.

The older versions of Android are now starting to shrivel, with Gingerbread dropping to 16 per cent, and Ice Cream Sandwich to 13 per cent.

But when you look at iOS, which always makes a smooth climb to the 90 per cent mark for adoption of a new version, Google's OS landscape looks very jagged.