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Microsoft to hold Surface event on 20 May in New York

Microsoft has sent out press invitations for an event which will be held in New York on 20 May, and will pertain to its Surface range of tablets.

The invitation which was highlighted by Engadget gives very little away – just the fact that it's something to do with the Surface, along with the words "join us for a small gathering."

That could be a casual understatement, or indeed it could be a hint that something small is going to be unveiled – like, perhaps, a Surface Mini?

A compact version of Microsoft's tablet is certainly the favourite candidate for a potential launch in a fortnight's time, and we've previously heard plenty on the grapevine about it. Most recently, two Surface Mini accessories were briefly leaked on Amazon, and if the accessories are ready to go, then surely the tablet itself is about to step out of the wings.

We'll only know for sure in two weeks' time, of course, but the Surface Mini is looking a pretty safe bet. A compact Surface, however, will also mean a more compact Touch Cover keyboard; and a more cramped layout is hardly going to help the device sell itself, at least in the productivity stakes. Which, after all, is what the Surface is largely about. Some folks moan about the existing keyboard enough as it is (at least the Touch Cover version).