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Most parents think their kids spend too much time using gadgets like the iPad

A new poll has indicated that the majority of parents believe that their offspring spend too much time playing with tablets and smartphones.

The survey, which was organised by the ITV show Good Morning Britain and conducted by OnePoll, showed that 68 per cent of parents were concerned about the amount of time their kids were spending with tech gadgets.

And nearly half of respondents (47 per cent) felt that technology actually had a damaging impact on the behaviour of their child – and 44 per cent were concerned about stunted social skills as a result of spending too much time in the virtual world, and not enough time in the real one.

Good Morning Britain interviewed paediatric therapist Doctor Cris Rowan, who said that over the past ten years she had witnessed a "significant decline in child development, child behaviour and their ability to pay attention and learn." She also noted that one in three kids were now "developmentally delayed" when they started going to school, and almost 10 per cent had an addiction to technology.

Those early years are particularly key to the development of the personality, of course, and being constantly engrossed in an iPad or Android device is hardly going to help when it comes to a rounded character.

The scale of this problem is aptly illustrated by a new invention STV also pointed out – the iPotty, which is a potty with a built-in tablet holder at the front. Yes, really – it retails at £30, and as one reviewer put it, is "a product that could signify the end of human civilisation."

We quite agree.