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Nick Griffin's Twitter account humiliated in Anonymous hack

After numerous scandals involving racist party members, misogynist public comments and violent supporters, some thought things couldn't get worse for the far-right British National Party (BNP). That is until a hacker using the handle @Anon_0x03 got their hands on the Twitter account of Nick Griffin, the BNP's chairman and leader.

The hacktivist took control of the account on Friday, and has been causing chaos all weekend. The attack began with the laconic tweet: "This account has been Hacked by @Anon_0x03"

The hacker continued apace, tweeting messages including: "Oink oink oink," "Death to the New World Order," and "Illuminati b******s."

Some feature somewhat stronger language, such as "F*****g racist, kiss my a*** b****," while another praises the hacker, saying: "I love you @Anon_0x03 you are the best."

The hacker has also retweeted his own tweets, and was even considerate enough to shout out to himself for the follow Friday hashtag, when Twitter users (or tweeps) recommend other users for people to follow.

The hacker also gained access to the website of Mr Griffin, who is an MEP for the North West of England, though control of that account appears to have been regained.

The BNP has so far not commented on the humiliating hack.

Nick Griffin was named on a list published by the Insolvency Service back in January, after being declared bankrupt at Welshpool and Newtown county court.

This isn't the first time the BNP leader has got in over his head on social media.

Last year, he tweeted the home address of a gay couple who won damages against the Christian owners of a B&B who'd refused them a room.

In the tweets, Griffin encouraged his followers to demonstrate outside their home, and said he wanted to bring them "a bit of drama".

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