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Prototypo challenges professionals and beginners to design new fonts

Ever dreamed of creating your very own font? Prototypo could have the answer you’ve been seeking for all these years with a new open-source online typeface editor that casts a shadow over the likes of Comic Sans and Times New Roman.

The new product makes it easier to create fonts than ever before and has been created to allow a wider range fonts to be available to create websites, with professionals and beginners both able to take advantage of the service.

"When I make a website I can go to a website like Google Fonts ... but they're very basic and I still have to browse," Prototypo co-founder Louis-Rémi Babé told Mashable. "Instead I could just have a larger list of parameters right on the web page I'm designing."

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Prototypo works by allowing an entire font system to be created at once. A set can be created all at once instead of letter-by-letter that means professionals will spend less time toiling away. For beginners it offers a way to create something unique without professional expertise being involved or complex legal issues that could come from modifying existing fonts.

The beta version, which is the only one currently available, allows users to start with four basic fonts and a variety of different parameters can be adjusted to make the letters appear differently. This includes thickness, aperture [negative space] and roundness with serifs able to be changed separately.

It’s planned that the final version will include some 25 different adjustable options to choose from. This will include being able to adjust individual letters or serifs, export different types of files and edit exact points on letters for even more refinement.

The project, which has raised over £25,000 of its £12,000 Kickstarter target, will be browser based and it’s expected that the service will be available in September and cost $25 [£15] a year.