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Sedicii hacker proof sign-in technology bags BT Infinity Lab prize

A startup that aims to prevent hackers from pilfering personal sign-in details has won a contest set up by BT and TechHub that will see it work with the two companies for a period of six months.

Sedicii has invented a product that prevent hackers stealing sign in details by using patented technology that means passwords are never transmitted and stored anywhere else expect the human head.

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“In the end we decided to choose Sedicii based on their long term strategic potential. They offer an industry solution to key customer concerns around security and authentication. We’re really excited about working with them and exploring the technology, implementation and how we could bring these services to market to help businesses of all sizes,” said John Thorneycroft, commercial director, BT Business.

The technology used by Sedicii means that private user data never has to be transmitted online so that hackers have nothing to steal or intercept and it will work to build on the project during its six months at TechHub. BT will also provide a team of technical and commercial personnel to validate the technology as well as evaluate commercial opportunities, and Thorneycroft added that it will also work with other shortlisted entrants.

“For Sedicii’s identity exchange concept to succeed we need to work closely with the most trusted names in the business and there are very few companies out there who come close to the strength of reputation and brand trust that BT has in the marketplace,” added Rob Leslie, CEO and founder of Sedicii.

Sedicii won the award after submitting a pitch video to the BT Infinity Lab competition from which it was shortlisted as one of ten finalists that led to a pitch day on 22 April when a panel was presented with each of the ten concepts before deciding Sedicii was the winner.