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Tesco following massive Hudl success with competitvely priced own-brand Android smartphone

Tesco is planning to follow up its hardware success with the Hudl tablet by releasing its own Android phone later this year.

The Hudl tablet has been well received, notching up some impressive sales – even if it wasn't perfect, as we noted in our review, it represented great value for money at the budget end of the market. However, the smartphone isn't going to be a low-cost model, surprisingly.

According to the BBC, it will be a higher-end Android phone with a tech spec that will be "comparable" to Samsung's Galaxy S5. Tesco CEO Philip Clarke spilled some details about the handset during a BBC Radio 5 interview, also noting that the phone would come preloaded with various Tesco services (erm, hurray!).

Clarke also said the smartphone would be aggressively priced, and given the use of the word "comparable" in relation to the S5's spec, we're betting the mention of the Samsung handset is a bit of hype-stoking, and the actual spec will be leaning more towards the mid-range if it's going to come in with a sticker price that will shake things up.

We shall see, but whatever the case, more competition in the Android phone market has obviously got to be a good thing in terms of consumer choice.

The CEO also mentioned that the Hudl 2 will be released in September. The tablet sequel is thought to be aimed at the budget market again, probably around the same price as the original (£120), but of course with slightly beefier and more tempting specs.