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Microsoft’s Surface Mini will reportedly use a Qualcomm CPU

Microsoft's strongly rumoured Surface Mini tablet will reportedly use a Qualcomm processor, as the company has apparently turned its back on Nvidia.

As you may have seen yesterday, Microsoft is due to hold a press event in a fortnight, where it's set to reveal the Surface Mini (and other new Surface models, apparently).

Previously, the standard version of the Surface 2 used an Nvidia Tegra 4 chip (with the Pro variant using Intel), so you might expect that the Surface Mini would also have Tegra on board. However, according to Bloomberg, Microsoft has switched allegiance to Qualcomm when it comes to the engine for its compact slate.

That will damage Nvidia's mobile ambitions somewhat, because there aren't many slates which run Tegra as it is. It's an important foot in the tablet door for Qualcomm, as well, which has seen massive success in the smartphone world, but hasn't been able to replicate that same level of achievement with slates.

According to the usual sources in the know, Bloomberg further notes that the other Surface products Microsoft is expected to unveil at the upcoming press shindig will use Intel – probably a Bay Trail chip, as has been previously speculated.

Nvidia does still have some exciting cards up its sleeve in the form of Tegra K1, which was announced at CES back at the start of the year – let's just hope the company gets a chance to play them.