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Leaked iPhone 6 photos face off against 5S smartphone

It wouldn't be May without a whopping iPhone leak, and indeed Apple is once more struggling to plug all the stoppers in its iPhone 6 rumour rowboat.

An Italian blog,, has released a new piece in which it compares a supposed dummy iPhone 6 unit against the iPhone 5S.

Obtained from an "insider source" (where else?), the photos and videos posted would, if true, confirm many of the rumours that have been floating around over the past few months.

The most obvious point of note is a larger 4.7in screen alongside a curved chassis not dissimilar to the iPod touch. Interestingly, the power button now also sits on the side of the device.

If not a work of the Internet's overactive imagination, Macitynet's images would indicate the iPhone 6 will be the biggest shakeup in Apple smartphone design to date. Whilst the Cupertino company did indeed set the bar of what we expect aesthetically from our mobile phones back in 2007, they've been reluctant to innovate away from that initial model in subsequent releases. also set the same dummy iPhone 6 unit alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5, which revealed that the iPhone 6 could be a nudge shorter than its Korean rival.

It is worth stating, however, that a big "if" is stamped firmly across this Italian blog. The supposed dummy unit could easily be a fake, but even as a piece of concept art it is an interesting design to ponder.

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