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Samsung Gear Solo smartwatch won’t need a smartphone to make calls

Samsung could put a SIM card inside its next smartwatch so that customers without a Galaxy smartphone are able to step aboard the company’s burgeoning wearables bandwagon.

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Not content with its current smartwatch offering, the Gear Solo will offer owners the chance to have a device that has its own SIM card slot and allows it to connect to a mobile network without the need for a smartphone connection.

Maktechblog spotted a listing for the smartwatch on an Indian import site called Zauba, which mentioned a device called the Gear Solo with the code name SM-R710. As well as the SIM card slot the smartwatch also comes complete with a network receiver that will allow calls to be made.

The price on Zauba is listed as 12,499 rupees [£122] with the final price expected to be higher than this and the chance to makes calls directly from a wristwatch is something that will understandably appeal to many consumers.

Samsung has had a busy year in the wearables sector with three new devices unveiled in February in the shape of the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit that represented its second mission into the wearables market that started with the Galaxy Gear's release in September 2013.

The three new devices all run on Samsung’s own Tizen OS that is expected to be included on the Gear Solo and one of the main reasons behind developing its own OS is to give a harmonised experience across its smartphones and tablets, and wearables.

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Samsung’s latest smartphone offering, the Galaxy S5, is firmly focused on offering health and fitness extras such as a heart rate monitor and was released at the same time as all three of the company’s new Gear 2 smartwatches detailed above.