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Whitepaper: Backing up big data

Organizations worldwide are facing explosive information growth, which is impacting how IT departments choose to protect these increased volumes. In addition, the types of information being created is shifting from traditional database-driven work product (often referred to as "structured data") to a more free-form style of content that includes documents, images, audio, video, and social media. These types of content typically exist outside the standard data center experience.

Sometimes referred to as "unstructured data," this content is also known as "human information", though many simply refer to this recent deluge of information as "big data." Another technology advancement is the emergence of server virtualization, which has greatly accelerated the pace of computing, making it easier than ever to deploy a new application, messaging/collaboration server farm, or database. And in the world of the mobile workforce, important business data is highly disparate—it not only exists in server applications but on employee and personal devices.

Download the whitepaper to find out how to get more value from big data.