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Citrix CEO urges IT to take a page from Amazon and Netflix by putting user experience first

IT companies must learn from the experiences offered by the likes of Amazon, Netflix and other entertainment service providers to safe guard the future success of the sector.

Mark Templeton, Citrix CEO, told the company’s yearly Synergy conference in Los Angeles that imitating such companies would allow IT organisations to adhere to an “experience first” strategy that would mean more success in the mobile landscape.

“Think about it – they don’t own the screens, they don’t own the content, but man, do we consume their services, because they’re sitting in the middle aggregating them and delivering them in a high-quality way,” he said, according to Cloud Pro. “They are thinking about us as consumers in a way that they can actually merchandise services and bring us the programming and entertainment that we want.”

Templeton is firmly focused on offering what he calls an ultimate “DOS” approach to the world that stands for “don’t own stuff” and is geared towards a focus on user experience and not the service or devices that are being used to consume.

“Don’t own devices, don’t own services. Own less and less and less stuff and focus on the service,” he added.

Templeton and his colleagues at Citrix also used the conference to detail a number of updates to products and new launches that included Workspace Suite that brings many of the firm’s flagship products, such as XenDesktop and XenMobile, under one roof. The firm also detailed various new features for Worx.

Additionally there was news of a hook up between Citrix, HP and Intel that will see the three companies build on previous collaboration in the “high end graphical processing capabilities” sector.