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Reddit freshens up front page of the Internet by doubling default subreddits to 50

Reddit has overhauled the front page of the Internet and almost doubled the amount of default subreddits that are seen by visitors that haven’t signed up as users of the site.

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The default subreddits, which are also the “starter set” for any new users, have doubled from 25 to 50 and the change is to refresh the default set that it admits has become dated over time.

“Most of the old default set was selected based on user activity and interest from years ago. reddit has grown and changed so much over the years that it's only fair to increase the number of subreddits so we can showcase newer subreddits that reflect the interests of the current userbase,” stated Reddit community manager Alex Angel.

It’s bad news for the r/AdviceAnimals subreddit that was the unlucky one of the original 26 subreddits that has been sacrificied as part of the move and it will mean that Advice Animals memes will no longer automatically appear on reddit’s front page.

Some of the new default subreddits that will interest the technology community include r/Dataisbeautiful, r/Futurology, r/Internetisbeautiful, and r/Nottheonion, and part of the motivation behind the move is to streamline the front page.

"In the past we've just swapped out one subreddit for another, but this time we're going to try something different. Instead of 25 default subreddits, we're going to bump it up to 50. You can look forward to a wider variety of topics and a frontpage that is much more fluid than today's frontpage,” Angel added.

Subreddits are the way that reddit categorises information and can be created by any reddit user after which other users on the site are able to subscribe to the specific category.

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If the changes are successful, Angel admits that they “plan on changing the defaults more often” and it is always on the look out for “great subreddits” that could potentially make the list at a later date.