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Yahoo News Digest app lands on Android devices, and goes international

Yahoo News Digest is now out on Android, and it has gone global, too.

The free app provides a summary of top news stories and key points in digests which are delivered twice daily, with each story being drawn from multiple sources, and boasting video, images and even the odd infographic along with text.

It was initially launched on iOS, where it's been well received, so Android owners will doubtless be pleased to see its arrival on the Play Store.

Yahoo has also produced an international English version of the app, and a Canada-specific version as well – with other language versions apparently in the pipeline. All this is true for the iOS app too, of course, which has been updated to version 1.2.0, along with other minor tweaks including notifications being synced to all time zones, and a number of bug fixes implemented.

The early reception for the Android app on the Play store seems positive (much like iOS reviews), with the content and interface being generally praised. However, one reviewer did note that he'd appreciate more granular personalisation options.

Yahoo News Digest is actually what became of Summly, which Yahoo picked up for around £40 million just over a year ago.