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HCL delivers new LinkedIn app for professionals that go beyond the call of duty

LinkedIn has gained a new strand to its professional repertoire that aims to applaud those that go above and beyond the call of duty in a particular field.

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The professional social network signed a partnership agreement with global IT service provider HCL Technologies that will implement an application that allows users to log in and acknowledge professional relationships that have gone “beyond the contract”.

“At LinkedIn, ‘Relationships Matter’ is a core value practiced by every employee as we go about helping our members and clients. We are pleased to be part of HCL’s campaign to celebrate, and bring to life how relationships are a key ingredient behind every success story,” stated Hari Krishnan, MD of APAC at LinkedIn.

The web-based application will be available via LinkedIn’s API and the InMail feature, and users are invited to add a personalised note of appreciation through the app that the recipient can view, download and print.

It comes as part of HCL’s “Relationship Beyond the Contract” campaign that is aiming to firm up its belief that social tools like LinkedIn are crucial for the next stage of B2B engagement across global industries.

“The Relationship Beyond the Contract digital campaign is an outcome of behaviours and the Employees First, Customer Second business model we believe in, developed from the work HCL has done to seek a deeper understanding and foster clearer, more open dialogue among technology companies, vendors and partners globally,” added Krishnan Chatterjee, global head of strategic marketing at HCL.

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The LinkedIn application is up and running with access available via this link and it is just the latest in a long line of schemes that has helped HCL, by its own admission, to “tackle the growing instability of the market.”