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Mobile app of the day: Checkmark 2

What do you want from a to-do list app? These are the elements that are high on my priority list: It needs to be really easy to add tasks and delete them when they are done, plus it should be easy to find tasks I've added, and the app should be clever enough to make sure I know what I need to do when I'm in the place it can be done. That last one can be tricky. For example, when I am in my favourite delicatessen, I need to remember to pick up fresh stocks of the food I like so much.

Okay, so enter Checkmark 2. It's a fantastic looking iPhone-only app with oodles of features including the important ability to deliver location-based reminders. And you can even set a time for these – for example, you could set a reminder for 15 minutes after you get home. Lists can even be sorted by their distance from your current location – so if you have 20 minutes to wait for your friend to show for a meet, you might just have time to pop to the aforementioned deli.

There's lots more going on here, including recurring reminders, prioritising, and more. It's a super app for anyone who likes making lists!

Click here to download Checkmark 2 for iOS.

Product: Checkmark 2


Price: £3.99