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Sony Reader Store to be shuttered in UK, and users transferred to Kobo

Sony had previously announced that its eBook store would be closing in the US, and now the same thing is happening in the UK (as well as Germany and Austria), with users of the Sony Reader Store being transferred over to the Kobo store next month (again as is the case in the States).

Kobo, which has a library of some 4 million eBooks and magazines, will come preloaded on selected Sony tablets and phones.

In a statement, Sony said: "Although we're sorry to say goodbye to the Reader Store, we're also glad to share with you the new, exciting future for our readers: Reader Store will transfer customers to Kobo – an admired eBook seller with a passionate reading community. We strongly believe that this transition will allow you to enjoy a continued high-quality eReading experience."

The deal is that you can still shop at Sony's eBook store until 16 June, when the doors will close – then later in June, Reader Store users will receive an email from Kobo with a link that will allow them to transfer their library across to the Kobo ecosystem.

The obvious problem is that some Reader Store books may not be available in the Kobo catalogue, which is why Sony is recommending you download all of your titles before the June deadline, just to make sure you can keep them if Kobo doesn't have them.

All this is part of Sony's major reorganisation efforts – as you may have noticed, the company is struggling right now (and has been for quite some time).