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Twitter beefs up security with password reset and suspicious login tweaks

Security is always important, but now that we find ourselves in a post-Heartbleed world, it seems that there is more importance than ever being placed on passwords and the safety of online accounts. The constant advice, that we should be using unique passwords of ever-increasing complexity for each service we use, means that there is a greater chance of forgetting our login details.

This is something that Twitter recognises with a couple of account safety changes that are being introduced today.

A new password reset procedure lets you choose whether reset details should be sent to your registered email address or phone number. Having a choice is helpful in case you no longer use the email address you registered with, or if you have switched phone numbers. Choice is good!

Mobile users will also find that the reset process has been improved, and Twitter helpfully provides some tips to aid with selecting a strong new password.

Changes are also being made to better identify suspicious logins - account logins that may not be you. Using information such as your login history, your location and the device that is being used, Twitter's algorithms have been designed to detect unusual logins.

Should a login be determined to be suspicious - even if the correct password has been used - you'll be asked (or whoever is trying to access your account) to provide some personal details or answer a security question before access will be granted.

Of course, there is a possibility that someone else may be able to correctly answer these questions, so a warning email will be sent out to give you the opportunity to reset your password.

Are you pleased to see that Twitter is taking steps to protect your account? Do you feel the new procedures go far enough? Tell me in the comments.