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90 per cent of Brits would stress, and a quarter would panic over a dead smartphone battery

Almost all smartphone owners would feel stressed out if the battery on their phone died, and they were left mobile-less, according to a new survey.

This research, conducted by case manufacturer Mophie (and, of course, a producer of battery life extending cases), found that no less than 92 per cent of Brits would feel stressed if their handset ran out of juice. This is yet another survey in a long line which has showed that people increasingly feel they can't function without a smartphone.

Never mind being stressed, 61 per cent said they'd be frustrated, and a quarter of respondents even indicated that they'd be in a state of panic if their mobile battery went dead. Panic? Really? You do wonder who they pick out to question in these surveys – the words "get a grip" spring to mind.

81 per cent said that running out of battery in the past had meant they'd had some sort of bad experience, such as missing an important call.

According to the Telegraph, Kevin Malinowski, a spokesman for Mophie, commented: ''Millions of people rely on their smartphones daily to stay in touch with loved ones and do work on the move. But all of these activities hinge on a single factor: Having enough juice to keep the phones running.''

Another snippet to emerge from the survey was the fact that most folks can't remember any phone numbers these days, because they're all stored on their mobile. Almost half of those surveyed could only remember three phone numbers off-by-heart.

70 per cent also said that they'd give up puddings for a month, in exchange for having a fully charged smartphone for that period. Of the 30 per cent who refused to give up pudding, the percentage of those who would panic without their apple crumble and custard wasn't disclosed.