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Gmail could be in line for a major overhaul

It seems that Google is pondering a major redesign for its webmail system, at least according to some leaked images which have spilled out showing the overhaul (check out the pic above).

Gmail's interface could certainly use some freshening up – it looks a bit dated, and clunky in some respects, such as the left-hand pane which has a very cluttered feel.

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Google is on the case, though – or at least trying out options, according to The supposed overhaul does bring a much fresher and cleaner look to the Gmail interface, with plenty of space, and the aforementioned left-hand-pane-of-clutter has been replaced with a far neater looking menu which pops in from the left when needed.

The other main menu will be bottom right (the small red circle), and this will contain the Compose option, as well as the facility to set reminders, a useful little addition.

In this scheme of things, Google is also ditching starred emails, the current way of marking important missives (you click the star next to a mail, and it'll appear in the Starred folder, the one underneath the inbox). Instead, Gmail will switch to a pin system which will allow users to highlight very important mails (VIMs – yes we just made that up, but it sounds good) at the top of the inbox. A bit like a certain other webmail system we could mention, by a little known company called Microsoft.

Anyway, broadly this all looks like good stuff (to us anyway), but the depicted system may well just be an internal test interface which will remain that way, and never see the light of day.

Gmail could certainly use some attention, though, so even if this particular UI doesn't ever emerge from the Googleplex, hopefully some considerable interface tweaking will be implemented this year. This development is, if nothing else, certainly an indication that Google is thinking this way, too.

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