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LG teases “ready for anything” G Watch

LG has teased its fans with another promo video for its upcoming G Watch that showcases the smartwatch from a handful of new angles.

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The new trailer, which was released on its YouTube page, points out a variety of the device’s features such as its “sleek and lightweight” design and the “metal body” that gives it what LG calls a “timeless look” whilst chopping through various views of the smartwatch.

It goes on to point out that it is “ready for anything, anytime with a single charge” as well as being “waterproof for your outdoor activities,” before last showing off the black variant as well as the champagne gold version that has a white strap as opposed to the black one.

As well as being impermeable to water the G Watch is dust resistant and has a screen that is always on with no indication yet as to how detrimental this will be to the device’s battery life.

The smartwatch is part of Google’s big push for Android Wear devices in the coming months that will see a glut of wearables being released that run on the OS version.

Android Wear lets users simply say “OK Google” to ask a question, set a reminder or complete an activity like sending a text, calling for a taxi or making a dinner reservation, much like is the case with the company’s smartphones and tablets.

Google’s wearable OS also retains a strong focus on health and fitness with the chance for users to monitor it using exercise goals and fitness summaries that are available through existing Android health and fitness apps.

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On the subject of a release date the company has still yet to confirm when it will be released and eyes will be on the LG G3 launch at the end of the month to see whether anything regarding the LG G Watch is unveiled.