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Tech News Weekly podcast 17: Hawking's killer robot fears, mobile workers' needs, and what Rest the Net really means

On the Tech News Weekly Podcast this week, we discuss whether the famous physicist Stephen Hawking is right to speak out about the development of artificial intelligence systems and supercomputers.

Samsung has released a survey on what mobile workers are looking for with some surprises around the continued need for printers and the lack of adoption of 4G services.

Plus we discuss the new viral video urging people to disengage with social media, does it have a point and what do businesses need to think about when using the medium?

Joining Wayne Scott is Aatif Sulleyman, Tom Phelan and Paul Cooper.

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Articles discussed this week:

AI: Stephen Hawking warns Apple, IBM and Google that robots will spell doom for humans

Reset the Net: The radical new campaign that's gaining ground online

Printers and scanners more important to mobile workers than 4G, says Samsung