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ZTE Open C smartphone launches on Ebay, boasts new Firefox OS

Mozilla has been busily working on it's Firefox OS, a mobile platform that it hopes can compete in a market dominated by Android and iOS, with Windows Phone lurking on the fringe. The company is targeting the low-end, hoping to snag the first-time smartphone buyer, and now a partnership with hardware maker ZTE is paying off, as a new product hits the market.

The Open C is up for sale, retailing for a low price through auction powerhouse Ebay. "Targeted at first time smartphone users and early adopters wanting to try out Firefox OS, the Open C offers a 3-mega pixel camera and 4in WVGA screen, and is the first commercially available phone running the latest version of Firefox OS", Mozilla announces.

This isn't the first phone offered, but it's a bit higher-end than the previous model - though, that isn't really saying too much. As we already stated, this targets the low-end of the market.

"We are pleased that ZTE is delivering another Firefox OS device, building on the success of the ZTE Open", says Dr. Li Gong, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer. "The ZTE Open C is an amazing experience for first time smartphone buyers".

The phone is available now in the US, Germany, Russia, and "other European countries". Head over to Ebay to find it, if you are looking for a low-priced smartphone. All devices come unlocked.