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Cameron, Miliband and Sophie Ellis-Bextor pledge support for new child safety portal

New child online safety portal Internet Matters has launched with support from the Prime Minister, Ed Miliband and popstar Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

The initiative, backed by founding partners BT, Sky, Virgin and Talk Talk, is a not-for-profit site set up to provide parents with access to expert advice concerning children's safety online. will act as a hub that directs parents to help and advice from organisations and charities in the child internet safety field. It is hoped that it will encourage the wider technology industry, policy makers and parents to work together to establish resources for parents that wish to protect their children from the internet's darker side.

Celebrity ambassadors Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Janet Ellis also pledged their support at the launch event, held at Bethnal Green Children's Museum.

Speaking before the event, the singer said, "Today's parents need to deal with issues that didn't even exist when we were growing up.

"I'm careful to keep an eye on my two boys, especially my 10-year-old who is that age when he's starting to explore the internet on his own."

Ellis-Bextor also said how she could "totally identify" with the 74 per cent of parents from an Internet Matters survey that said they wanted more information and advice about online safety.

"I never want my grandchildren to stumble on something they're not ready for," said Janet Ellis at the event.

David Cameron and Ed Miliband appeared in video form and pledged their support for the initiative.

Also present were experts from the Family Safety Online Institute, Professor Sonia Livingstone from the LSE, the Safer Internet Centre, Childnet and the Internet Matters advisory panel.