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Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine to become execs at Apple

At the end of last week, news emerged that Apple is set to snap up Beats Electronics, and the $3.2 billion (£1.9 billion) deal could go through very soon.

Following the initial whirlwind of rumours and coverage, a video also popped up on YouTube which showed Dr Dre, co-founder of Beats, confirming the deal by saying he was about to join the "billionaire boys club" and the Forbes list would need changing as he would become the "the first billionaire in hip-hop".

Now it seems that Apple will make Dre a member of its executive board when the acquisition goes through, along with Jimmy Iovine, the other co-founder of Beats. According to the Telegraph, sources familiar with the negotiations told music mag Billboard that the Beats pair will be given executive roles at Cupertino.

Iovine is apparently going to oversee Apple's overall music strategy, and will deal with Cupertino's relationships with music labels. As to what Dr Dre will be doing at Apple, that wasn't mentioned.

An announcement is expected to come at WWDC which kicks off at the start of next month, where of course Apple will be making plenty of big announcements about iOS 8, but there will also be a major focus on OS X this time round.

If the Beats deal goes through it will be the biggest outlay Apple has ever made, and the first time the company has dipped into its coffers to the tune of multiple billions for an acquisition. It's thought that the big interests are Beats' new streaming music service, the headphones expertise on the hardware side, and also a good dose of street cred which Cupertino probably feels it needs at the moment.

There has been plenty of talk of Apple going stale or losing its touch – but what we really need to see this year is an exciting new product. That might be the iWatch, or it might be something else – but the consensus of opinion where it counts, namely the investors, is that Apple needs to be seen to be innovating on the scale of the iPad once more.