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New leaked iPhone 6 images show svelte device next to HTC One M8

New images allegedly showing the 4.7in iPhone 6, which is due out in August according to the rumour mill, have been leaked onto the net.

Mashable spotted these pics which were published by the Taiwanese website Mos Coat (we prefer its sister site, Mos Eisely – there's far more Cantina-related news, for starters). Anyhow, bear in mind that these images could be fakery of some form – or indeed they might turn out to be a prototype model – but as Mashable rightly points out, they're at least convincing looking, and thus worth mulling over.

The images show a handset which would be about the right size – in other words, much taller, given that Apple is stretching the display from 4in to 4.7in with the iPhone 6. It also has rounded edges which look rather swish and should make for a comfortable hold; in fact, the build quality of the whole phone looks rather nice in these snaps.

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor is still there, as you'd expect, though the volume buttons on the side have changed from circular to long rounded lozenges.

That's not what you notice when you look at a picture of the iPhone 6 with the iPhone 5S on top of it, though. What's really striking is just how thin the new model will supposedly be; it makes the 5S look positive chunky (and it isn't).

There's another interesting image (posted below) which has the new iPhone in-between the iPhone 5S and HTC One M8, showing that the alleged iPhone 6 is not far off as tall as the HTC phone, and a touch wider, by the looks of things.

To see more of the pics, check out Mashable.

Image Credit: Mos Coat (via Mashable)

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